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30 Minute Appointments! Believe It.

When I started Merrill Performance, I had a few key values that I felt were super important in my quest to create a novel experience for my clients.  Having the time to really listen, problem solve, treat thoroughly, educate, and follow up was paramount.  So I adopted a 60 minute treatment session standard knowing that […]

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Short Pecs = Shoulder and Neck Pain!

I had a conversation with a friend and fellow athlete tonight about shoulder pain he often has while overhead squatting. Based on his computer career induced posture, I shared with him that lengthening his pecs would be an elegant solution to his problem.  Sometimes it’s just that easy. He wondered why he can do ring […]

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Multifidus may be your savior

Core strength WON’T prevent low back pain! Your “Multifidus” muscle is often the missing link. Google it and get to know it. Or come see me and I’ll introduce you to your multifidus muscle. Your new BFF when it comes to a pain free low back…

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