Corrective Exercise | Neuromuscular Re-education

Nearly everyone I see can self-treat their limitations.  I try to empower my clients to not only understand what’s holding them back but also to have the tools to fix the problem and keep it at bay.

Corrective exercise and Neuromuscular Re-education are both just fancy ways to gain movement and muscle function in critical areas of your body.  Some people have true weakness that needs to be addressed.  However, more commonly people have developed poor movement strategies that neglect certain muscles and overload others.  Or, they slowly lose movement in specific parts of their bodies over time (without noticing) which requires other areas move more than they like to move.  The areas that end up taking up the slack are generally the same areas that hurt!

So, by improving movement in a stiff area, the painful area will be less overloaded and thus, less painful.  Corrective Exercise and Neuromuscular Re-education are critical tools in making this happen for you.  I do the work of getting the process started using Manual Therapy and hands on re-education techniques to show you how to move better.  Then, you reinforce it often to make sure it sticks.  Works every time!