Welcome to Merrill Performance!  My mission is to provide you with a creative, personalized, and effective solution to the physical limitations preventing you from performing at your best in athletics and in life.  I partner with people wanting to get healthier, more active, faster, stronger, bigger, more powerful, more supple, pain-free, and more mobile regardless of their goals or discipline.  I do this by considering everyone’s situation uniquely, by evaluating them thoroughly, and by providing solutions that are firmly rooted in curiosity and critical thinking.  I expect nothing nothing short of miraculous results from this “partnership”.

I am a Manual Therapist who was trained as a Orthopedic Physical Therapist.  Thus, I use my hands, eyes, and a wide array of treatment tools to solve problems.  Getting to the root of complex and chronic problems takes a willingness to think outside of the box and prioritize the factors that are most important.  Often, the most important factors are not the ones you’d most expect.  So, it’s important that you and I take the time to understand how these issues interact with your painful body part or performance limitations.  In addition to manual therapy techniques, I love to teach people how to self-manage their issues using corrective exercise and expect that if we work together, we will fix whatever plagues you.  If you’ve struggled with pain or physical limitation, despite the best efforts of others to get you well, give me a chance to take you down a new road!

Merrill Performance.  Do what you want…Better!