Medical Bike Fitting

Custom bike fitting in Boulder and around the country has spread like wild fire. And for good reason. The fit of your bike can significantly impact comfort and power output. Just like every body is different, every bike is different. Thus, making body and bike connect in an optimal way is an art as well as a science.

Historically, a custom bike fit consisted of analyzing how you look on the bike and then changing the bike to accommodate your unique body type. This works to a point. But, what happens when a cyclist has some physical limitation such as weakness or inflexibility that is creating pain, lost power, or poor comfort on the bike. In this situation, changing the bike to accommodate a dysfunctional body will only exacerbate the problem. And, in many cases, it will even cause new problems on top of the old problem. Not to mention pushing you further away from your potential as a cyclist.

Making the bike fit the body is not longer a valid paradigm. Merrill Performance’s medical bike fits consider the athlete as something that often needs to be changed too. If I modify the bike when needed and manipulate the athlete as needed, then we have an optimum fit. Making the body fit the bike is critical to achieving the ideal position, comfort, power, and enjoyment. Even if you’ve had a prior bike fit, you’ll learn a lot about what else you can do to optimize your position.

Please call me at 303.717.8351 to set this up by phone. Bike fits take 2 hours, cost $250, and are done on a lab edition Computrainer with Spin Scan software. This tells us about the pedaling efficiency and power output of each leg. It also helps us monitor and understand how changes to your bike and body affect your pedal stroke and power output. Lastly, it acts as a way to reeducate a more efficient pedal stroke. Pedaling drills, corrective exercises, and education on posture and pedal stroke are all included as part of your custom medical bike fit.