Phone Consultation

Managing an injury can be a scary and confusing process.  In addition to the varying opinions you’ll get from your health care team, your friends and family may feel it’s helpful to weigh in.  Where this leads is to a mass collection of information which often leaves us feeling overwhelmed and questioning what the hell to do!  If you’re struggling with information overload and are paralyzed about what to do next, consider a phone consultation.

These days we have so many options to help us manage an injury.  Surgery has always been an obvious option but is best saved as a last resort (except in extreme circumstances).  Even in the presence of a scary looking MRI, surgery may not be necessary, or even a good option.  Physical Manual Therapy can often be combined with modalities such as Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Personal Training, Chiropractic, Prolotherapy, steroid injections, or short term pharmaceuticals (in conjunction with your doctor) to create a short and long term outcome that saves you time, money, and pain!  I’ll say it again for effect – Even in the presence of a scary looking MRI and a doctor who is ready to cut you open!

I tend to prioritize these options based on each persons circumstances and aim for the one that delivers the best outcome with the least amount of impact.  Before you take your opinionated uncle Hester’s advice on how to best fix your neck pain, let’s talk about your problem and possible solutions by phone.  We can talk about your injury history, everything you’ve tried and are considering trying next, and clarify any confusing advice you may have heard.  We’ll discuss your doctor’s opinion, your mom’s opinion, and your opinion to come up with a smart solution that you’ll feel good about.

I bill these calls at $25 per 15 minute increment and schedule up to an hour at a time.  You may pay by credit card over the phone at the start of the call.  If you’re torn about what to do next with your orthopedic injury, I know you’ll be relieved after we have a change to chat.

I can be reached at 303.717.8351 or by email at

Or, set up an appointment at and specify “phone consultation” in the “reason for your visit” window.  Please also include your phone number when you book an appointment online.  I look forward to talking with you soon.