Physical Performance Evaluation

Your journey to better performance in life or in sport starts with a thorough evaluation.  This step is what sets a good manual therapist apart.  Every client I see presents with unique strengths and weakness that make or break their movement.  Two people may have knee pain or struggle with the same skill.  But, while the reasons behind this may seem similar on the surface, they’ll usually present with very different reasons for why they struggle physically.

My favorite part of the process is learning what movements you do well and what you struggle with as a person.  It’s fascinating to me how stiffness or weakness in one area of your body can have a negative effect on another body part that’s seemingly unrelated to it.  Identifying these barriers is where the “magic” is when it comes to solving problems for people.  I use these findings to create a “short list” of limitations that we need to address to help you achieve your goals.  This list clarifies what’s most important so we can focus on the priorities and not get distracted on irrelevant solutions to your problem (treating the pain is often not a good solution).

With so many options “out there” today for solving problems, my clients find this list ultimately important to their success.  I’ll take the time to teach you why each factor on your “short list” is important and how it ties in to your problem.  It’s super important that you understand why we’re doing what we’re doing because we’ll only succeed if we work together toward a common goal.