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Omar Faruk
Jun 30, 2022
In Health & Wellness
I applied for all marketing jobs – whatever they pay me, no matter what level of experience they have. The next morning I got a table waiting for work. It took me six months to get my freelance job back while I was waiting for the table. It was a struggle. There were lots of canned green bean nights for dinner and gas bills. Then it happened. There was a once-in-a-lifetime phone call. 6-digit job opportunity to move to Europe. I felt this was what I had been waiting for. I gave up everything to move around the world to start a new life. But I arrived in Europe with a more ghost mannequin effect wrong promise. Four months later I was in the same place again. I couldn't afford to pay the rent or feed myself, my spouse, or my dog. But I didn't have a way to fix the situation. Input: My Knight and Shining Armor-A US SEO company looking for a link building director. After hanging up the phone for a job, I knelt in the living room and cried. advertisement Continue reading below I am very grateful to the genuine and heartfelt people who have taken care of me to help me get out of my current situation. It wasn't. Eight months later, for the first time in my SEO career, I was exposed to gas lights, bullied, and experienced sexism. If I said anything to the company's strategic director, I was afraid that it would be threatened, manipulated and destroyed my life. I felt weak and helpless. I was embarrassed to make this happen to me. I knew it was stronger than this. As my mom said, I was a lion. So why was I so worried and scared of the sheep's opinion? I'm happy to be with a great company that leads SEO right now. That's why this article is important to me. After 121 interviews, 18 companies and more than 300 websites, I identified 15 danger signals to watch out for during the interview process before getting a job. advertisement Continue reading below Hopefully this doesn't happen to you because you can learn from my experience. Think of it as a kind of jerk repellent checklist.
Omar Faruk

Omar Faruk

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