Beyond Pain Education                LIVE

Beyond Pain Education LIVE


Psychosocial Strategies for Body Oriented Clinicians and Athletes


    Each Friday October 7th - November 11th, 8:00 AM-10:30 AM MST


    Beyond Pain Education Course Information - Cohort 4


    Every day, practitioners are scratching their heads trying to problem-solve for their clients. But many of your clients complain of acute and chronic pain that has no clear cause. Or you feel you have a solution but it doesn't get the results you and the client were hoping for. You do the proper assessments, use the hands-on skills you've mastered, and use corrective exercise and movement practices according to the best evidence. You're savvy to the latest pain neuroscience education strategies but you find yourself seeing these same patients over and over again without the pain fully resolving. Because of this common challenge, Dr Schubiner and I created this in-depth workshop where you're going to explore how to go beyond manual modalities, movement, and pain science education to cure symptoms once and for all.


    Are you experiencing these common challenges?:


    • Finding your clients aren't getting well consistently in your existing paradigm?

    • Noticing that clients drop out before achieving their goals?

    • Feeling like you're missing an important component to wellness?

    • Managing pain over time rather than curing it?

    • Realizing you can't help people in ways that feel satisfying to you, or to your clients?

    • Lacking professional satisfaction as clients abandon therapy or don't get well?

    • Burning out due to high volume clinics and feeling like you don't have time to be effective?

    • Feeling like you can't have the impact you know you're capable of having?


    There's an explanation for why these frustrations are so common in clinical practice. Even for those who are the best manual therapists and who teach pain science expertly. Most clinicians know that the brain has an important role to play in people's pain experience. But only a few have the tools to truly address the psychosocial drivers of pain. While body work can help in the short term, it fails to address the true cause of pain and other symptoms while also reinforcing a body damage bias. While pain education can reduce fear about the pain itself, the brain is influenced by many emotions beyond the fear of pain. And explaining how pain works cognitively has not proven effective in the research. If you're ready to go beyond manual therapy and PNE+, Beyond Pain Education is a masterclass is for you.


    In this course you'll learn to:


    • Determine whether symptoms are caused more by physical or psychological factors.

    • Apply your evaluation to rule out physical dysfunction and identify stress and emotional factors while ruling out structural/medical problems and red flags.

    • Build the therapeutic alliance and listening skills necessary to connect with your clients in a new way.

    • Actively reduce fear while you educate and treat your clients with your manual therapy and exercise skills.

    • Support clients with graded exposure with return to movement and with emotions.

    • Teach pain re-processing (PRT) strategies like somatic tracking to change the brain’s neural pathways. These are skills were recently shown to be highly effective in the CU low back pain study published in JAMA Psychiatry in October 2021.

    • Support your clients in processing emotions and creating meaningful life change using "Emotional Awareness and Expression Therapy (EAET) and tools like therapeutic writing.

    • Integrate these strategies into your manual therapy and movement practices.


    Beyond Pain Education is designed to help you change your paradigm, get out of your silo, and learn how to use your current skills in a new way to help cure people of acute and chronic symptoms, changing their lives. You'll learn how to then synthesize modern pain science and therapeutic alliance skills with novel psychological and social strategies that are fully accessible to body oriented clinicians. This course will teach you how to integrate PRT based tools and employ emotion-focused concepts synthesized from EAET, ISTDP, and IFS. Yes, we'll be talking about emotions! Every one of your clients has them, they're rarely explored, and they're involved in everyone's pain experience. Often they're the missing variable. 


    Course Objectives


    • Understand the paradigm shift in our profession and in the scope of pain science.

    • Learn modern neurophysiology of pain from a medical and psychological perspective.

    • Explore the concept of therapeutic alliance in healing professions.

    • Structure your clinical exam based on a modern understanding of the neurophysiology of pain

    • Learn methods of reducing fear that go beyond basic cognitively oriented PNE+ 

    • Build fear reductions strategies into your psycho-education and manual interventions

    • Learn pain reprocessing strategies and integrate them with your other modalities

    • Integrate emotional processing strategies into your clinical practice


    Course Schedule


    The weekly didactic portion will be available for you to watch at your convenience 1 week before each live course meeting. 

    The live course will start Friday October 7th 2022 at 8:30 AM - 10:30 PM MST (mountain standard time).

    We'll meet live each Friday for 6 weeks wrapping up Friday November 11 th 2022.


    Meeting dates will be:











    The live elements of the course will expand on the didactic material and focus on skill building and practice.  We'll also discuss cases and have plenty of time for Q and A.


    Beyond Pain Education Course Cost


    $995 per registrant 


    Preregistration is requested by Friday September 30th 2022


    After that date, cost increases to $1095 per registrant


    Cost for students is $495 per registrant.  Students please email Charlie directly - - before registering to assure this course is appropriate based on your experience.


    If you've taken this course in the past and would like to take it again, or you consumed the asynchronous version of the course, you're welcome to join the live course to reinforce the content and further practice strategies for the student rate of $495. Please contact Charlie at the number below for a special code for previous students.


    Pre Reading


    If you haven't already done so, please familiarize yourself with the books "Explain Pain" by the NOI group, "Unlearn Your Pain" or "Hidden From View" by Howard Schubiner, and "The Way Out" by Alan Gordon before the course.


    Post Training Consult/Mentoring